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Hubbardton Forge

About Hubbardton Forge

Since the company began in 1974, Hubbardton Forge has been re-exploring the ancient art of metal sculpting, creating lighting and accessories of grace and simplicity. The company’s design and manufacturing process is a collaboration of designers, engineers and craftspeople. Every curve, taper and twist in the metal carries with it the distinctive marks of honest hand-crafting. These time-honoured principles are built into every Hubbardton Forge design, with each piece hand-forged peice by peice by the team of skilled artisans in Castleton, Vermont in the United States. Urban Lighting is thrilled to be an authorised distributor in Australia for this truly unique brand. We are directly supplied from the USA with these amazing pieces specially crafted and wired for Australian homes and commercial projects. When you own a Hubbardton Forge pendant, lamp, chandelier or wall sconce, you own a piece of Vermont-made art of enduring value.

Modern day Blacksmiths

"In an age of mass-produced, machine-made products, many companies have abandoned the right way of doing things in favour of maximizing profits. We believe doing things the right way is the only way to do business. We make products where the craftsmanship and skill clearly shows. We make heirlooms, not landfill. Any piece leaving our forge is touched by multiple hands throughout the process of its creation. When you look at a Hubbardton Forge lighting fixture, you’re seeing the artistic achievements of a team dedicated to design."

Dark Sky Friendly

Dark Sky Friendlyoutdoor fixtures are designed with downward-facing only beams and reflections of light. The absence of up-light helps to minimise light pollution, protecting stargazing and wildlife for future generations.

These new Dark Sky Friendly pieces join a growing collection of environmentally-conceived fixtures for the outdoors, with a reverence for the natural beauty of the night skies.